Recommended Reading: Technical Documentation and the Buyer’s Journey…

The “customer journey” is something I’ve been learning a lot about lately.

I highly recommend this (quick) read from Hannan Saltzman at ZOOMIN, Ensuring Technical Content Fills — Not Creates — Gaps on the Buyer’s Journey.

Some key points in the article:

  • When it comes to a purchase, prospective buyers are continually gathering information and using that information as confirmation of being on the right track or as an indication of being on the wrong track.
  • Effective documentation can strengthen the customer’s purchase decision; ineffective documentation can weaken the customer’s purchase decision.
  • Potential buyers need to be able to quickly find the technical content for which they’re searching…or they’ll go to a competitor.
  • Technical content must be consistent.

“You cannot experience what you cannot locate” —Hannan Saltzman

Have you identified the touchpoints in your customer’s journey and how are you addressing those touchpoints with documentation…?

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