Recommended Reading: Making a Commitment to Professional Growth

Stepping outside your comfort zone — even if it is to learn and grow as a professional — is tough. It takes commitment and time and effort.

But it’s something that’s really important and necessary.

I recently read this article The Only Time You Are Actually Growing is When You’re Uncomfortable by Thomas Oppong.

After spending the last 6 months building new skills, I really related to the concepts in the article linked above.

Since January, in an effort to build upon my current skillset, I have taken coursework in various subjects related to technical communication.

Studying those topics has been something I’ve done in addition to my regular, full-time role as a senior technical writer. It wasn’t and hasn’t been easy to juggle the various tasks (schoolwork and regular deliverables in my job)…especially when a few of the classes required a big time commitment to complete the work required by the course…but learning new skills that I can use in my profession has definitively been worth it.

The article (linked here) says to “If you want long-term success, stop avoiding what’s hard.” and that’s definitely what I did.

The knowledge I’ve gained through these courses has been invaluable.

Have you learned any new skills lately and how did it go…?

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