Providing Writing Guidance to Others

Summer is officially underway.  In the United States, summer means beach days, summer fruits and veggies, and summer reading lists.

As far as my summer reading list goes, it’s a smattering of books on technical communication topics.  And, in parallel to working my way through those books, I’ve taken up another activity.

In my free time, I’ve been providing writing guidance to a student in a masters program in the form of:

  • General feedback on document organization and structure to improve readability
  • Specific feedback on grammatical issues to improve sentences

In addition to the document editing, I’ve also provided the student with a document template that includes pre-set up headings, tables (multiple styles), and figure/table captions.

Document editing helps to keep my skills sharp. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of these aspects of writing and, in doing so, my effort helps increase the quality of that student’s writing.

What part of technical communication do you enjoy…?

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