Defining Levels of Quality in Technical Documentation

I’ve been a technical communicator for over 18 years. With those years, comes experience in planning, writing, editing, and managing.

Of those, writing and editing are tasks I perform daily and instinctively.

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Laying a Solid Documentation Foundation

The concept at the core of technical communication is writing well…but it’s more than that. There are styles to define, templates to design, formats to follow, workflows to formalize, technical subjects to learn, software to master, and documentation assembly and delivery methods to understand.

Every now and then, a concept comes along that makes you rethink the foundation that you’ve laid (and subsequently become dependent upon).

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In Technical Communication, Templates and Style Guide Materials Must Also Evolve

As technical communicators, we often think about the information being presented and the format and style in which it will be presented.

But, once we’ve established a template and a workflow that supports it, we become unshakeable and steadfast in our adherence and use of those.

And those formats and styles work great for awhile…until they don’t.

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